Content library and rights management

We are well aware that purchased rights are the biggest asset of every TV station. Therefore, MISTV has a sophisticated, yet transparent and easily manageable programme library for multiple media platforms.

All titles library offers both a programming and a technical description in great detail for each title. It contains acquired as well as in house produced titles.

VOD, Catch-up and Preview rights can also be defined for each title and each rights purchase, including detailed conditions for manual planning and auto-scheduling.

Media library comes in handy in case you are not operating in a pure tape-less environment. It offers the possibility to track and administer the complete history of each physical media in your assets.

Purchased Rights are not defined just by a number of runs within a period, but can be described in as much detail as needed. Advanced conditions include compensational runs, different channels for particular runs and repeats, conditions for advertisements and even user defined conditions.

Amortization of purchased rights can be calculated for multiple accounting standards simultaneously and supports run and period based amortization models as well as user defined amortization.

Shipping represents complete evidence of all incoming materials from distributor.

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Programme planning and scheduling

MISTV offers the easiest and the most user friendly work experience for multichannel planning in full accordance with the latest needs of the TV market.

Visual planning is where it all begins. It follows the planning process continuously from the Strategic and Long-term plan to the most precise and sophisticated Daily plan. All the data can be viewed from different angles throughout the planning process, according to specific needs and the time phase before broadcasting.

VOD scheduling based on standard TV channel planning as well as dedicated VOD with its own planning module is fully supported in MISTV.

Product placements, graphic banners, animations and other popular secondary events are also fully supported and automated whenever possible.

Effectivity and continuity goes hand in hand with a fast and clean work process. Scheduling of a movie or even a series can be done with a single mouse click, while a system of background checks allows the scheduler to stay fully focused on scheduling without having to check license conditions manually.

Integration is important so no work should be done more than once. The MISTV Programme planning module can be easily interfaced to any play-out automation system on the market, while also being fully integrated with MISTV Programme library and Sales modules. Together, the modules form a single complex solution.

Automation is more and more demanded in today’s TV markets. We are following this trend in order to make scheduling of repeats, jingles, secondary events, self-promotion, VOD catch-ups and other planned events as automated as possible.

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Advertising Sales

Our software solution makes it easy to sell advertisement across various media types like Television, Radio, Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor within one application with the possibility to share data.

Different sales policies based on ratings and/or fixed price as well as any combination of them is supported within one inventory.

Automatic booking is the most sophisticated booking method available in the MISTV system. However, many different booking tools can be used simultaneously. No matter which one you choose, the respective booking limits, rules and restrictions are always checked on the fly.

Inventory management is highly sophisticated and integrated. Unlimited number of channels of different types can be managed easily on one screen with a great variety of adjustable break parameters. The whole inventory management is automated in every possible aspect.

Sales conditions can be precisely customized for each client and individual campaign to fit even the most specific needs. User access can be restricted for particular channels and further restrictions can be assigned to a particular client and contract.

Invoicing is usually done automatically while different invoicing scenarios can be used. Advance payment invoices, credit notes and invoice cancellations are fully supported.

Research software interfaces are an integral part of the system, allowing for campaign delivery to be recalculated instantly when new data becomes available. Rating predictions can be imported, but can also be calculated within the MISTV system itself.

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Accurate information available at any time in an easy to read and understand form is one of the key prerequisites of an efficient TV station. Our state of the art reporting tools can help to maximize revenue and to avoid unnecessary money loss on programme rights.

Online business analyser is the right answer to most of your needs. It is a highly sophisticated and complex, fully adjustable and user friendly reporting and analytical tool. This module can process and filter all data present in the MISTV system and visualize them in both basic and sophisticated reports. Predefined and most frequently used report templates are stored in the application, enabling users to execute them quickly and easily with minimum effort.

Open reports are designed to provide users with perfectly tailored reports according to their exact needs and requirements. They offer an easy and very flexible way to define reports with wide range of output formats available (printer, e-mail, Excel, PDF, etc.)

Visual selector is a tool that can be used to easily search and analyse the library based on any set or combination of criteria. Its versatility is based on ability to quickly browse and filter selected records and full customization of its filtering conditions.

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