Professional service

24/7 support availability

Above the standard technical and user support provided these days we provide 24/7 emergency support, so in case of an unexpected situation we are ready to help you to resolve your issue anytime with guaranteed maximum response time of 2 hours.


The MISTV station management system is fully configurable via a large set of configuration parameters, which makes it easy for us to adapt the system to the client's specific needs. In case this is not sufficient, we are proud of our quick response in delivery of user requested MISTV system customizations.

Continuous development

As the TV business is rapidly developing together with the IT world, so are we. We are releasing a new version of the MISTV system every 4 months in order to catch up with the changes and actual demands of both worlds and always remain up to date.


The MISTV solution is quite robust on one hand, designed to meet the needs of even the largest TV stations, while being very flexible and efficient at the same time in order to meet the operational needs of small TV stations as well.


Despite the fact that the MISTV system covers the operational workflow of a TV station almost completely, it still needs to integrate well with systems covering other business areas. MISTV has many highly configurable bi-directional interfaces with play-out automation systems, finance (accounting) systems, research and other software.


It is very important for valuable data stored in the MISTV system to be well protected and verifiable. This is ensured by use of the world’s #1 database Oracle RDMS together with an extensive set of user rights and a precise auditing solution on both system and application levels.

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