M.I.S. is software and TV solutions company

We produce and sell complete solutions to media sellers and TV Broadcasters. Our market position is well established after 20 years on the international market. From the beginning, M.I.S. has been operating in the Central Europe region, specific for its rapid growth and frequent changes on the media market. Our company is always ready to assist and help our clients during market changes and growth. The MIS system is designed so that it can grow along with our clients. Your media business is under full control with MISTV® station management system.

In 1995, M.I.S. began servicing its first clients with a set of MS DOS-based applications. In 1998, development of the current product was started, taking advantage of modern technology and benefiting from previous business and market experience. Currently, all M.I.S. products are built on the powerful and scalable ORACLE database.

Since February 2000, when the new package was launched, the number of clients has constantly been growing.


Kladenská 64/123
160 00  Prague 6
Czech Republic
+420 255 709 090

Sales manager

Jiri Gabriel
Email: sales(at)mistv.eu
Phone: +420 255 709 098

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